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 About Us

Savage Lens Photography was started by brothers Floor and Wouter Terpstra. Growing up our parents showed us the beauty of this planet and taught us to take care of it. We both have incredible passion for wildlife, their habitats, and ensuring the places we visit remain healthy, clean, and wild.


Floor lives in the West Kootenays and is our mountain expert, spending most of his time bushwhacking through dense forests and wading along rivers to find wildlife. His passion extends to snow tracking predators in the winter to learn more about their movements, while deploying many remote trail cameras to observe their behaviors in a non-invasive manner. Much of Floor's work involves DSLR camera trapping, which allows for close-up photographs with a wide-angle lens of elusive wildlife others might never get to observe in person.

Wouter lives on Vancouver Island and loves to hike, trail run, surf, and scuba dive. His work takes place in the old growth forests of the West Coast, exploring salmon bearing streams and rivers in hopes of encountering the critters that call those forests home. We hope that our work will immerse you into the beauty of our incredible planet and inspire you to get outside, take care of remaining wild places, and advocate for the protection of wildlife that live there.

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