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Aluminum Prints

Introducing our collection of stunning aluminum prints that will immerse you into the photograph as if you were there. These high-quality, large aluminum prints are hands down our absolute favorite and are the perfect way to bring the BC wilderness into your home or office. No matter where they are displayed, aluminum prints will steal the show.

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Aluminum Prints are made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated Chromaluxe aluminum sheets. This material has excellent print longevity, meaning they are rated to 65 plus years of fade resistance. Using the best Helios sublimation inks, vibrant colors seem to pop out of the print!

Images come to life, creating a luminescent print unlike any other material. We offer two different coating options. High-gloss, a luminous base with a reflective finish. Everything looks great on this sleek surface. Secondly is our Matte finish, which offers the vibrancy you love in an aluminum print without the reflective shine. This opaque, satiny surface makes your colors pop.

Each one of our aluminum prints comes with a float mount, giving a clean, unframed look. This offsets the print 5/8" off the wall. Wall mounting hardware will also be included, making it easy and ready to hang. 

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